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Slightly Off the Mark

The best novelist on my block, that I know of. 11 fiction and non-fiction books published. Full time 911 dispatcher, volunteer firefighter, lives with my cute/scary wife and dog.

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on 16 June 2005 (#7445523)
On 8 June 2024
Mark Hunter
14 July 1972
My Storm Chaser series includes the romantic comedies Storm Chaser and The Notorious Ian Grant, a story collection, Storm Chaser Shorts, and the YA novel The No-Campfire Girls. My other fiction includes the novels Radio Red and Coming Attractions

Our non-fiction include two local history books, Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights and Images of America: Albion and Noble County; a humorous history and trivia book, Hoosier Hysterical; and two collections of humor pieces, Slightly Off the Mark and Still Slightly Off the Mark. I'm also published in three anthologies and have had some short stories published.

Here's the rest:

For two decades Mark R Hunter has been an emergency dispatcher for the Noble County Sheriff Department. He’s served over 32 years as a volunteer for the Albion Fire Department, holding such positions as safety officer, training officer, secretary, and public information officer. He also has done public relations writing for the Noble County Relay For Life, among other organizations, and served two terms on the Albion Town Council. When asked if he has any free time, he laughs hysterically.

Mark lives in Albion, Indiana, with his wife and editor Emily, a cowardly ball python named Lucius, and a loving, scary dog named Beowulf. He has two daughters and twin grandsons, and so naturally is considering writing a children’s book. He can be found online at

I'm also on Twitter as MarkRHunter, and there's a Facebook fanpage for my writing work at


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