Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

our vacation system crashed

You may have read my earlier Instagram post, which went like this:

Photos like this should always begin with "no one was seriously injured". It was a very sudden end to our vacation trip, thanks to a young man who was blinded by the evening sun. Now we have a car jammed full of camping stuff at a tow company in Logansport ... We're working out the logistics. Do I need to tell you a story will follow later?

Which is fine, but things change, and I did say "serious" injuries. I have the traditional airbag rash, strained forearm muscle, and a mysterious gash on my right index finger that we just can't figure out. Emily's right foot is bruised and swollen, and we're in the process of getting an x-ray, just in case.

The dog--and the other driver--seem fine.

Tags: car, crash, emily, vacation

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