Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

The Firefighter List

I turned in the list of Albion firefighters from throughout our 225 (or so) year history … or at least, all the names I could find after a fairly exhaustive search. They’re to go on a plaque that will be displayed at the fire station.
I came up with 197 firefighters. I’m sure there are more, but it’s become a game of diminishing returns—at the moment I just don’t have time to pour over microfilms of 100 year old newspapers in the hopes of stumbling across one name (although that does sound kind of fun. I’m strange). A wintertime project maybe, depending on how my writing time goes. I hope there will be some light bulb moments out there, and more people will send names in.
Meanwhile, I also compiled AFD fire chiefs, and even managed to fill in some holes that were in my original list, published in Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights. Here’s what I have:
1887-1888                   A.J. Denlar
1888-1894                   William E. Worden
1895-1997                   ?
1898                            J.O. Russell Jr.
1899-1903                   ?
1904                            Edward A. Kunkle
1905-1912                   ?
1913-1916                   Charles Callahan  (resigned 5/1/16)
1916-1930                   John Gatwood (nomination approved 6/5/16)
1930-1934                   ?
1935-1952                   Harry Campbell
1952-1954                   Byron K. Smith
1954-1959                   Harry Metz
1959-1963                   Robert Beckley
1963-1969                   Al Jacob
1970-1971                   James Applegate
1971-1973                   Edward Moorhouse
1974-1975                   Terry Campbell
1975-1981                   James Applegate
1982-1993                   Larry Huff
1994-1997                   Bob Beckley
1998-2001                   Kevin Libben
2002-2008                   Gregg Gorsuch
2009-2010                   Brad Rollins
2011-2012                   Tim Lock
2013-2015                   Steve Bushong
2015-2016                   John Urso
2016-present               Brad Rollins
Tags: afd, albion, firefighting, history, smoky days and sleepless nights

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