Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Author list for Noble County’s ALL-IN Block Party June 25

Here are the confirmed authors I have right now for the June 25th event on the courthouse square in Albion. If I missed someone—we’ve had another round of family medical drama since I started compiling this, not to mention I’m notoriously disorganized—please let me know. If someone knows of an author who hasn’t responded or might not know about this, please give them a nudge!
Here’s the post that gives some details:
Authors I have listed so far, in addition to the husband and wife writing team of Mark R. and Emily Hunter, include:
Lindsay Bentz
Dawn Crandall
Sheli Emenhiser
Beth Friskney
Rita Robbins
Greg Smith
Susan M. Thuillard
Belinda Wilson
I heard from Amanda Blackman’s husband but haven’t had direct word from her, yet. If I’ve made any mistakes let me know, and tell all your friends!
Also, I’ll need a very, crazy short bio of each author for a press release, and a slightly longer one for posting on social media. Tell all your friends!

Tags: albion, author appearance, noble county, promotion, writing

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