Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Have a Great Super Bowel

Apparently there’s a super bowel coming up today? Possibly the result of a stomach flu going around, or maybe somebody didn’t properly refrigerate the egg salad. Or does having a super bowel mean you don’t get the stomach flu? I’ll have to Google this …


Turns out it’s the Super Bowl.

Well, as long as I’ve got it up here, might as well look into details. Okay, so the Denver Broncos and the … Carolina Panthers? Aren’t they a college team? How badly did the NFL teams do this year, to get beat by a college team? Oh, turns out they’re a pro team. I wonder which Carolina it is … Okay, Charlotte, so that’s North Carolina. I thought all the sports air down there was taken up by NASCAR. But I don’t watch NASCAR either, so what do I know?

Say, it’s the 50th Super Bowl! I haven’t watched one since the Colts played, maybe I should check it out. Let’s see … kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. Nope—that’s about the bedtime before my third shift job.

Guess I’ll catch the commercials later.
Funny, I thought the balls were brown.
Tags: sports

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