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why I love writing fanfiction

When I get messages like this:

The following review has been submitted to: Xander’s Job Chapter: 13

From: - J ()

This is without question the best Cordelia-dead but not NFA fic I've ever read, and this ending showed why. Faith, Angel...heck, EVERYONE came out looking good while still looking THEM. Even Giles' fessing up to never feeling peace about Angelus. The point is, it was very good, and a very good send-off. I especially liked the revelations that came out right near the end.

I can't help thinking to myself, why must they be anonymous? Why can't these people give me links, so I can write them back, thank them profusely, grovel at their feet, and make sure they're not relatives trying to stave off my normal winter depression?

If, by chance, this person reads my LJ: All of the above.
Tags: buffy, fanfiction, writing

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