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More pic-spam

Why? Well, because I still have up, and the way my life has been going recently I might never get another chance to spew pictures at you. Just some family pics from, or in some way related to, the wedding:

The Happy couple at the "I pronounce you" moment:
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My father and I; I'm the one in the costume.
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My uncle Charles is a retired career navy man. His brother, who passed away a few years ago, was an Air Force vet. I always wondered if they got into fights over it ... In the center is my brother Jeff, the hippie, along with his wife, Cathy.
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My sister Tracey with her daughter -- don't look into Isabelle's eyes for too long! You WILL be enchanted.
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Chopper the cat, my guest while the happy couple was on their honeymoon. Mostly I included this picture to ask the question, Why would the people who owned the house before me put carpet in a kitchen? :-)
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