Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Submission Season

They say a writer shouldn’t submit to publishers during the Christmas holiday season—apparently all the editors are busy spilling eggnog on their keyboards, or something. One industry insider suggested not submitting until after January 10th, to give time for the publishers to clear their backlog of submissions.

With the surgery and all, I got behind anyway. Then I became part of the backlog being cleared, and received a few rejections between Christmas and January 10th—one on January 10th.

So now I have a novel and four short stories trapped in rejection purgatory, which will keep me busy researching and submitting for a while.

This doesn’t include the Indiana history humor book: If we get a rejection from the publisher we submitted it to in early December, we’ll self-publish. Traditional publishing lead time is so long that if we submit and wait, we might miss the entire Indiana bicentennial year—which is what compelled me to write it in the first place. (Look for me and hopefully many other local authors at a bicentennial related block part around Albion’s courthouse square on June 25—more info to come.)

I also have big plans later this winter: to forward my writing career by doing some actual writing.
Yeah, I'll be there--again.
Tags: history, indiana, publishing, self-publishing, writing

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