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celebrity crushes meme

tagged by the thouroughly crushable hieispike:

[01] List your top ten celebrity crushes
[02] Put them all in the ORDER of your lust/like/love for them
[03] Say which movie/show/etc. it was that hooked you
[04] Tag five people!

I don't know ... I'm not as into celebrity crushes as I like to claim I am. Still, there are some celebrities who've made an impact on me:

Natalie Portman ... I remember seeing her in the Professional and saying, "She's going to be a star, if she survives kid stardom." She did. Now she's got an all most old-fashioned classical star beauty that I find enchanting.

Christina Ricci ... I had a similar reaction to her in "The Addams Family". Despite being a kid at the time, she had a tremendous presence. She emerged, after some rough times, into an actress with extreme talent and poise, who pays tribute to her craft by going for the meaty roles rather than the star turns.

Jennifer Love Hewitt ... She's this generation's Audry Hepburn. And she sings good, too.

Sandra Bollock ... The girl next door. She was the most impressive thing about the underrated movie "Speed".

Eliza Dushku ... I first saw her in the movie "True Lies", but of course she's famous for her work on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The girl kicks butt -- what can I say? And those eyes ...

Michelle Trachtenburg ... I wouldn't call this a crush so much -- she's more like a cute little sister type. I like the way she tackled the somewhat thankless role of bratty kid sister on "Buffy", and I find the fact that she's not a stereotypical Hollywood beauty to be a mark in her favor. Which brings me to:

Amber Benson ... Does she even count as a celebrity, to anyone who doesn't watch Buffy? Maybe not, but she's multi-talented (sings, acts, writes), and proof that a woman can be beautiful without starving to death.

Kirsten Dunst ... She was a better actress as a little kid in "Interview with the Vampire" than most actresses are when they're 30. Then she grew up ... *sigh*

Alison Hannigan ... Buffy, again. And again, not a classic beauty, but funny and -- hey -- redhead.

Alexis Bledel ... Don't know why, really ... but the younger Gilmore Girl just has ... *it*.

If I had time to sit and go through a list of every celebrity in the world, there's no doubt this list would change. I'm just not that into ranking people. But what the heck, it was fun to find out which ones came into my mind first. I'm not going to tag anybody, though -- I'd imagine this will get to you all, eventually.
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