Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

The Funniest Book Based On My Columns ... okay, the only one.


“(My first) apartment was slightly smaller than my ’76 Pontiac Ventura, but contained what I needed: a table just large enough to hold my manual typewriter, a stack of scrap paper with one clean side, and a dictionary. The rest would be history, and someday there’d be a little plaque on the front door (okay, the only door) of that one room salute to literary beginnings.  


“Years later, after I’d moved on and my writing career hadn’t, the building burned down.  

“Boy, I wish I’d gone to college.”


Slightly Off the Mark: The Unpublished Columns is just $8.75 in print, or $1.98 as an e-book … I’m not sure you can even get movie popcorn for nine bucks, anymore. Maybe one of those small bags that’s half spilled before you reach your seat. If you spill a book, you can just pick it up. If you like to bring books into the theater (and who doesn’t?) and you’re worried about the pages falling on a sticky floor, read it on your phone (but only until the movie starts). You’re already seen all the ads, anyway.


But if you like coming attractions, I'm also in need of reviews, recommendations, and reposts.



Tags: humor, humor writing, slightly off the mark

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