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More Entitled History

I’m working the third draft of what I’m still calling the Indiana History Humor book, because it’s my book and I can call it whatever I want. Obviously that’s not going to be the final title. I haven’t worried much because there’s plenty of time to get it titled, polished, and photo’d in time for Indiana’s bicentennial. Right?

And that’s true, if we self-publish it. If we decide to try for a traditional publisher—and there are some publishers who deal in historical humor—then time is definitely wasting. It’s only two months before 2016, so either way I’d better kick it into gear.

But what to title? In my mind, a humor book about Indiana history should have a title that touches on Indiana, and humor, and maybe history. I’ve been compiling a list for some time now, and a few of the possibilities include:

Back to Indiana (as in, I’m goin’ back to Indiana)

From La Salle to Lincoln (Personally, I think this one’s descriptive, but lame.)

More than Corn, but Proudly Corny (See above.)

Indiana Wants Me (Not very descriptive, but I’ve thought of adding a subtitle: But So Far I’ve Managed to Avoid Extradition.

Banks of the Wabash: Drowning In History (Meh.)

Removed to Indiana (This is from a quote by Abe Lincoln. It only makes sense if you’re familiar with that quote, which didn’t make it into the Gettysburg Address.)

A Humorous Treatise On Indiana History, Mores and Events, Illustrated (Kidding!)

Hoosier Hysterical (This is my favorite, but it’s only effective if you know the term “Hoosier Hysteria”. My wife, an avowed sports non-fan, had never heard of it.)

Hoosier Daddy (This is the very first title I thought of, and I really like it, especially if it can be paired with a good subtitle. Others don’t like it. At all.)

Speaking of subtitles, I was entertaining such possibilities as:

“A fractured look at Indiana history”

“How we became us, and why it’s silly”

“How the west became the Midwest without moving at all”

“Funny dressed people conquer the territory”

Now that I think about it, if those last two main titles don’t work out I’m leaning toward Indiana Wants Me, but so far I’ve avoided extradition. Maybe with a sub-sub title. Or maybe not. What do you think? And do you other writers have as much trouble muddling toward good titles as I do?

Downtown Albion, circa before they tore down that church, and the second courthouse. In other words, between 1861-87. (The photo is actually dated 1878. Trust me.)


Nov. 4th, 2015 06:06 pm (UTC)
It is fun, isn't it?
Nov. 7th, 2015 06:04 am (UTC)
Sometimes too fun ... I'm still reading stuff relating to my new humor book, and I finished the first draft a month ago.
Nov. 7th, 2015 06:09 am (UTC)

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