Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

and it's not so bad ...

Okay, so here's the deal:

I had a really, really, *really* bad couple of days off. I spent a bunch of money I didn't have, my youngest went off to spend much of my weekend with her friends (which I'm okay with, really, except that it sucks), winter's approaching, the wedding is in 2 weeks and I haven't lost as much weight as I'd hoped (thus, tight dress pants), and everyone in the family who has the word "mom" in their title has gone totally friggin bonkers. Insane. Looney tunes. Call the straightjacket guys with the butterfly nets. They seem to have forgotten that it's NOT THEIR FRIGGIN' WEDDING.

Then I went back to work, Saturday night, my first weekend shift with the newbie. She's competent enough, but young gung-ho newbies are a horrible pain in the ass. Also, you can tell within a short time when you get that dispatcher or officer who's a -- pardon the expression -- shit magnet. She's a shit magnet. Every weird call or detail that you can get in an emergency dispatch center happened Saturday night. I'm sorry, I'm not a newbie. I'm an oldbie. I don't like crazy shifts.

And, I haven't had time to write fiction.

Seriously, if I had a cat I'd have kicked it. I got home, retrieved the insurance bill from the mailbox, took more pain medicine, noticed in the mirror that I really do have that balding spot people have joked about (it's not g*****n funny!) and went to bed.

About 6 hours later I got up, stumbled downstairs, fired up the oven because I'm too cheap to turn on the furnace yet and besides I wanted a chicken TV-dinner and screw the calories, turned on the computer, and found this:

"Hi Mark, I'm very glad to inform you you've been nominated at Fandom of Stars for the following award(s): -UnStopable If you would like to accept this nomination, please reply to this email and you will be added to the list of nominees. There are nominee buttons in our user info. Congratulations, and good luck!"

Fandom of Stars

So here's the other deal: After I ate, I walked outside and discovered the temperature was in the high 70's and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I took a three mile walk around town, basking in the sun. People were mowing their lawns -- I love that scent. The trees were turning just enough to take on that golden glow that makes early autumn so beautiful. And -- even though all my problems were still there -- I was happy.

So thanks, whoever nominated me. You made a really nice day a whole lot nicer. Isn't it amazing how one little good thought can make such a difference?
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