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Hoosier Hysterical

Despite all the book signing and promotion work, I’m close to finishing the first draft of my newest WIP, a humor book about Indiana history. (My space opera story is “cooling”, so I can run through the next draft with a more objective eye.) I figure there will be lots of Hoosier books published for the bicentennial, but maybe not a lot of humor books.

My book, which still doesn’t have a real working title, is divided up in two ways: by time periods and subjects. There will be sections on pre-state history, becoming a state, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War, for example. Some subjects include weather, state symbols, famous Hoosiers, transportation, sports, crime, and so on.

It’ll be funny. I promise.

What do you think? What other subjects related to the Hoosier state and its history should be covered in the book? Preferably something I can make fun of, but what the heck—I’ve already covered the Klan and serial killers.

By the way, if you come to our appearances Saturday feel free to ask questions about our writing projects, past and present. I had a great conversation last Saturday about Albion history, with one of the town’s old timers.


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Oct. 6th, 2015 04:28 pm (UTC)
If it's a humor book about Indiana, isn't it just begging to be called "Hoosier Daddy?" I think a good pun is a work of art. (Not implying that one's a good pun.)
Oct. 8th, 2015 12:35 am (UTC)
Well, you can't imply that, because by their very nature good puns are bad. I'm leaning toward "Hoosier Daddy", but Emily doesn't like it and her instincts are good in these areas. I also suggested "Hoosier Hysterical", but Emily's never heard the expression Hoosier Hysteria, so she didn't get that one. We've got at least a few more months to decide.
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