Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Location, Location, Location …

Sales Specialist Sarah at Arcadia Publishing updated me on which local retailers are carrying Images of America: Albion and Noble County:

Albion Village Foods, 605 S. Orange Street in Albion

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, 1426 W 300 N (west of Albion)

Doc’s Hardware, 122 N Orange Street on Albion’s courthouse square

The Noble County Historical Society, which operates the Old Jail Museum just west of the courthouse square

While my two book signings next week are onetime events, you can pick up a copy of Albion and Noble County at those locations during any normal business hours. Not after normal business hours.

The Old Jail Museum has limited hours, but I’m told the Historical Society will be selling the book at the Albion Harvest Fest, September 19-20 at the Saddle Club. Meanwhile, we’re hoping to get it into more retail establishments across Noble County, and it can be found at the usual online places and at least one Fort Wayne Barnes & Noble.

Remember, when you don’t buy history books, time travelers get stranded with their great grand-mothers-in-law. Don’t strand time travelers.

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