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We left Pokagon State Park at about 12:30 this afternoon, figuring to get ahead of a vicious looking black cloud. We failed. On I-69 it got nighttime dark, with an edge of light on the horizon that made things look a little surreal; that was when I looked to my left and said something that I won’t repeat here, but won’t win me any awards for great sayings.

I wouldn’t recommend pulling over along an interstate, but I also wouldn’t recommend calling 911 while driving 70 mph in wind gusts and a downburst. While we were stopped we saw at least three or four funnel clouds, or possibly one or two that would come down, spin around for awhile, then lift back up only to emerge again. We had a scare when it looked like a touchdown directly ahead of us along an overpass, during which I cussed in the 911 dispatcher’s ear, but I think it was a front gust that blew dust and rain over the top of the bridge. On the way home we caught a little hail, but by the time we got to Kendallville it was just heavy rain.

Emily said she’d never go storm chasing with me … but she said nothing about already being in the car when the storm chased us.
Funnel cloud 7-18-15 I-69


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Jul. 18th, 2015 08:33 pm (UTC)
well that's scary as hell. You trying to live your books?
Jul. 19th, 2015 07:37 am (UTC)
The funny thing is the number of times I've gone out on storm watch with the fire department -- and here I see funnel clouds when I'm just trying to drive home. We really didn't get scared, though--even Emily, who tells me I'm crazy whenever I suggest the idea of going storm chasing. We were just too busy to think about it.
Jul. 19th, 2015 05:25 pm (UTC)
I believe you
Jul. 18th, 2015 09:12 pm (UTC)
Oh my - I think you got closer to that than I would like to be!
Jul. 19th, 2015 07:40 am (UTC)
We weren't really all that close -- well, not to the ones we could see, anyway. When a gust front went over the overpass, I thought a funnel had touched down right in front of us for a moment ... THAT would have been way too close.
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