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dumb and "AAaaaahhhh!!!!!"

Okay, so this is what happened:

A guy walks into a bar (no, this is not a joke). He spends the night drinking and playing with this knife of his -- apparently he's very proud of it, showing it off, flipping it around and such. He drinks more. Eventually he gets into some tiffs with people, and he's still waving the knife around, so he gets kicked out of the bar. Did I mention he's drinking heavily? And still tossing the knife around?

Well, Mr. Brain Surgeon -- and it's funny I should mention surgery -- eventually slips, as you knew he would, and stabs himself in ... Okay, you squeamish people might want to stop reading here ... the eye. That's when we got the 911 call.

The name of the bar? One Eyed Jacks.

It could only be more ironic if his name actually *was* Jack.

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