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facts meme

I was tagged by the A-list kazzy_cee ...

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a post with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself and say who tagged you. In the end, you will need to choose the 6 people you tag and list their names. No tag backs.

1. I carry a handcuff key on my keyring.

2. Spiders make me scream like a girl.

3. I wrote my first novel at age 14. (It was really, really bad.)

4. A month after 9/11 I drove through New York City in a full size rental truck; we were pulled over and searched just before reaching the George Washington bridge.

5. My first crush was Dorothy from the Oz books.

6. I hate to eat without having a book or TV in front of me; it seems like wasted time.

7. In all the times I've spent inside burning buildings, the worst injury I ever received was in a fire truck crash.

8. My three finished novel manuscripts are all romances. (!)

There. That was hard! I'm not tagging anyone because of all the time issues lately, but I hope everyone has fun with it.
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