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The Versatile Blogger Award redo

When Roger Lawrence tagged me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I thought I’d done that before. So I looked back and sure enough, I was nominated by Rosanne Dingli – in 2011. Here’s Roger’s post, in which he tells 7 fun facts about himself:

The man once cussed out Cary Grant—I can’t outdo that. Since it’s been four years since my time around, I thought I’d put my original answers here for those who’ve come along since, and see if there’ve been any changes along the way. I’m not going to tag anyone—because I already have:

1.       Last year I got my 30 year pin as a volunteer firefighter (I joined on my 18th birthday), and this year made 20 years as an emergency dispatcher. (Ahem … I hit 35 fire years this July 14th.)

2.       I have Seasonal Affected Disorder: Winter quite literally drives me crazy. (But stupidity also drives me crazy, and that happens all year ‘round.)

3.       My fiancée is half my age – and twice my maturity.  (Married! But she’s still more mature.)

4.       I can’t stand America’s two great drinks: coffee and beer.  (Earl Grey—hot.)

5.       It took me over three decades from the moment I first ventured into fiction writing as a child to getting my first novel published. (Now I kill myself trying to get a new book published at least twice a year.)

6.       My humor column, Slightly Off the Mark, was named after a line in a newspaper story about a bowling league. (And it’s not related to the comic strip “Off the Mark” by Mark Parisi, which is very funny.)

7.       I was known throughout my school years for being painfully shy.  (At least, by those who knew I was there. For those of you who watch “The Middle”, I was a mix of Sue Heck, the invisible geek, and her brother Brick, the bookworm.)

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  • ozma914
    25 Feb 2024, 03:30
    Our equipment was pretty basic too; I guess that's part of the reason why making stuff from scratch was so much more fun.
  • ozma914
    25 Feb 2024, 03:29
    We had a portable electric organ that functioned for my control panel. Really good times!
  • ozma914
    24 Feb 2024, 08:56
    I am just nodding along here. We used to spend, literally, hours over at the play park near our house - sometimes on the, fairly basic, play equipment, but more often making 'dens' in the bushes,…
  • ozma914
    24 Feb 2024, 07:39
    I remember playing with blankets and making space ships by drawing a ‘console’ with buttons on a piece of cardboard. I had so many adventures …..
  • ozma914
    17 Feb 2024, 07:22
    I only love her a LITTLE more than another season of Firefly!
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