Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Times for Book Signing ... I Mean, Yard Sale

I have the times for my daughter’s yard sale this week, and although I won’t be there to sign books the whole time myself, I’ll make sure there are copies available along with all the good stuff the family has gathered. Also, a correction: The address is 523 East Diamond Street (in Kendallville).

She plans to be open Thursday 9-4, Friday 8:30-4:30, and Saturday 8-3. The schedule gets a little odd because, well, we’re all on odd schedules, lately. I’ll try to be there in the afternoon Thursday and Friday, although I’ll be gone a short time to pick up the grand-twins from school.

As for the goods, you can look for adult and kids (3 months-size 6) clothes (they’re six now!), kid’s shoes and winter coats (24 months-size 5), household items, twin bed headboards, and that scary sandbox turtle I mentioned earlier. As for the double stroller, if you only have one kid, that gives you trunk space.

And books. Plenty of books. I’m crying a little as I type this. Oh, and toys, but none of mine. I’m keeping mine.

This is more about the sale than my own books, so if there’s a lack of table space just ask—they’ll be there, maybe still in my book signing tote. I’ve got one of those.
Tags: book signing, family, garage sales, kendallville, yard sale

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