Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Book Signing ... at a Garage Sale?

Surrealists riddle: What do you call a book signing that’s not a book signing? A yard sale.

Told you it was surreal. No, seriously, it’s more a yard sale that I’ll have some books at: Both old and new books, and old books. I’m on a surrealist roll!

My daughter’s having a yard sale at the same time as the Kendallville city-wide garage sale, May 21-23, at her place at 521 East Diamond Street (I’m told the people next door will be having one, too). The main attraction will, of course, be the yard sale, with stuff like kid’s and adult’s clothes, and extras like twin bed headboards and one of those sandbox turtles that make you wonder if turtles would be at home in there. Also a double stroller because—twins.

Anyway, I’ve already taken over four boxes of old books from around the house, and as you avid readers have already guessed, yes—it did break my heart. But I need to de-stuff myself (not literally—ew), and it was time for me to give up on the idea that I’d someday go through and read all those books again.

Also, Charis has graciously allowed me to sell the books I actually wrote, both the newest one of my older ones, and thus the second lame surrealist joke. So, it can also be called a book signing, or quasi-book signing. I’ll probably be there from after school until around 5 p.m. both Thursday and Friday, but I’ll firm up the times for me and the sale as we get closer. Stop and browse! Just because I don’t need more stuff doesn’t mean you don’t … especially if you have kids.
Tags: book signing, books, family, garage sales, kendallville, writing

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