Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

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I've got a real time crunch thing going, thanks to several RL things that need to be done in a short time. I considered disappearing from LJ completely for awhile, as others have when RL intrudes, but I just can't do it -- I miss everyone. So, if my posts and replies seem a bit sparse for the next several days, be assured that I'm still reading all my flist posts (well, assured or worried, whichever you prefer). I just don't have as much time to comment as I usually do. I don't like that because it makes me feel antisocial, but at least I'll be able to hop on here and lurk, so I won't miss any of the great posts coming from people who have been to Writercon. Hopefully you'll see a new story comiing soon.
Tags: real life
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