Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Blizzard of 2015?

Current prediction is 10-15 inches of snow for this area, along with gusty winds past 30 mph. It's going to be a long term event, starting tonight and going on through Monday morning.

TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. If you absolutely have to go somewhere, do all the things you should be doing anyway: Have your car stocked with food, water, abrasives, blankets, a snow shovel, medications, and a charged cell phone. Remember, most snow plows and emergency vehicles are NOT four wheel drive, and it will get bad enough that even four wheel drives won't be able to get through. Last winter it was common to have 4X4's stuck in snowdrifts. Wreckers are not going to come out when it's that bad, and snow plows will not run 24/7, especially when roads drift shut as fast as they can open them. Hopefully the county commissioners will declare a snow emergency early, but if they don't--your job is not as important as your life.

Wherever you are, work or home, have enough provisions to last a few days, at least. Be extremely careful--fire trucks and ambulances might not be able to get to you. Remember that after the storm it's going to get very cold, with dangerous wind chills.
Tags: blizzard, indiana, snow, snowstorm, weather, winter, winter hatred

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