Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Buffy fanfiction: Four Friends drabble -- "Truth or Dare"

Getting this one down to 100 words was a real challenge:


Buffybot dashed back into the motel room, slammed the door shut, and fell onto a chair. “I kissed one! You’re not going to believe who -- Andrew’s here!”

“His team isn’t due for another hour,” Kara said.

“Rona was probably driving,” Tara suggested.

“Anyway, he’s standing in the hallway with a funny expression, so we’ve got a few minutes to finish -- it’s Tara’s turn.” Bottie grinned. “Truth or dare?”


“Compare sex with women to men.”

“Oh my,” Kara said.

Tara, her head lowered, took a moment to respond. “I wouldn’t know.”

Dana turned a funny color.

Buffybot just looked disappointed.
Tags: buffy, buffy fiction, drabble, fanfiction, four friends, truth or dare

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