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I found "Lost"

It's been sitting on the shelf for two months, safely stored on tape and calling my name, and a few days ago we finally watched the season finale of "Lost". Yes, I know, my willpower is tremendous -- almost as tremendous as the demands on my time. Sadly, I knew much of what had happened by then, although I didn't know the ending because, hey -- there wasn't one.

But never mind that. I had been able to stay away from postings about the show, and so have escaped almost all speculation about What It All Means. So I just wanted to ask those of you hard core fans who have haunted the various web sites and bulletin boards your opinions. Surely I can't be the only person who thought the same thing I did, after seeing the electromagnetic surge and the giant statue foot. I turned to my daughter and yelled,

"It's Atlantis! Duh!"

Am I right?
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