Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Introducing my new old column

            Emily’s working hard to get the “Slightly Off The Mark” book ready to go before Christmas, but meanwhile … there’s my new job to announce.
            My weekly humor column, orphaned after being dropped from its former newspapers, will now appear monthly in the Kendallville Mall. A go-to place for local ads and coupons, Kendallville Mall is also changing its direction, to feature local and Midwest writers in a kind of monthly feature setup. There’s a good possibility I’ll also be part of Julie Scher’s growing efforts in the area of internet video and social media services.
            In other words, someday sooner than you think, you might be watching my column. Imagine the possibilities! I leave it to Julie to give you more information on that as it develops, but meanwhile the Kendallville Mall’s Facebook Page is here:
            Check there to get lots more information about what they do, and watch for me in your mailboxes (which isn’t creepy at all), or at places such as the box outside Albion Village Foods. Support those who support me! My column will appear on my blog a week after it’s in Kendallville Mall.
Tags: humor writing, kendallville mall, slightly off the mark

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