Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

My new book is out! … much to my surprise.

           As all fourteen of my regular readers know, my newest and funniest book, The Notorious Ian Grant, comes out in October. (Yes, I’m aware it’s a little early to make that claim. I’m working on my self-confidence.)

Almost nine of those fourteen readers are also aware that my publisher, Whiskey Creek Press, has been acquired by a larger publisher, Start Publishing. (Incidentally, if you Google Start Publishing, you have to wade through a lot of advertisers wanting you to … start publishing.)
Now, sometimes, during an acquisitions process, things can get … mixed up. And … *ahem* well, here’s the thing:

The Notorious Ian Grant has already been published.

I found out by accident early Saturday. According to Amazon, it came out as an e-book the previous Thursday. Barnes and Noble had it up on Friday, and it’s also up on the Whiskey Creek Press website. All for $3.99, by the way, which is a nice drop from the initial price of my first book.

The print version isn’t available yet, because that’s something I’m involved with, and I’d planned to time it with the e-book release. In October. But don’t worry, I’m on it, and the website will soon be updated with order information, too.

So my big build-up to the release date, including the cover reveal and the related short story giveaways, will be somewhat anti-climactic. On the other hand, considering the nightmares you sometimes hear about publishing delays, it’s hard to complain too much.

The links:
Whiskey Creek Press:

Barnes and Noble:

Oh, and the cover:
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