Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

What you can get other people for my birthday

            I was unfortunately reminded the other day that my birthday is coming up, on July 14th. How would I like to “celebrate”? Well, ignoring it doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll settle for the traditional chocolate cake and ice cream or the fun new tradition, ice cream cake—which takes one of the steps out of the process.

            There’s nothing I really need for a birthday present that anyone can afford, but if you really want to cheer me up on what I’m calling “Black Monday”, I’d be very happy to see the numbers of my book sales go up. Yes, I am serious. After all, you can choose from romantic comedy, eclectic short story collection, local history with a touch of humor, and young adult skewing humorous action adventure. Or, my favorite, all four.

Having the collection will set you up for the October release of The Notorious Ian Grant, since it features characters from three of the four. And of course proceeds from two of them go to good causes, so keep that in mind if you are, or know, a firefighter or Girl Scout, or a firefighter/Girl Scout.

            (Dare I call it the “Hunter collection”? Hm … no, I dare not.)

           So if you have anywhere from five bucks to a bit more to spend, make my numbers go up around July 14th, and make me a very happy birthday boy. All the necessary links are over at –and how crazy is it to have a website named after me?—or just give me a call and place an order. If you’ve already read all my books—and why haven’t you?—they make a great gift. Or so I tell the people I give them to on their birthdays.
Tags: birthdays, publishing, smoky days and sleepless nights, storm chaser, storm chaser shorts, the no-campfire girls, the notorious ian grant, writing

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