Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

"The No-Campfire Girls" now available for Kindle!

            While the “official” announcement won’t come until next week, it seems once we got the technical glitches worked out Amazon was quick to put The No-Campfire Girls up as an e-book:

            In fact, we got our first sale before I knew it was available! The print version should be for sale there before the end of the weekend, if it’s not already, and we’ll have the website at ready soon to show the various ways to buy the book.

            Don’t forget, 30% of The No-Campfire Girls proceeds go toward Friends of Camp Latonka, to help with costs for the camp in southeast Missouri, which Emily attended and worked at. You can see the book’s description and dedication, and read chapter one, on

Tags: camp latonka, emily, fiction writing, girl scout story, girl scouts, gsusa, missouri, scouting, the no-campfire girls, writing, ya fiction

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