Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

A Storm Chaser Snippet

Chapter One of Storm Chaser is available to preview on and the Whiskey Creek Press website. But here’s a glimpse from near the beginning of Chapter Two, where we meet the mysterious, disaster prone Luther Magee in an Indianapolis motel room:

“…A tornado from one of those isolated storm cells brought a close call to a state trooper, who narrowly escaped being caught while tracking the twister.”

The picture showed a solemn officer, blond hair mussed as if from a high wind, standing stiffly next to his patrol car. “My car approached to within about one hundred yards of the funnel…” A face peered out from behind the officer’s broad back, for just an instant. Magee started, then leaned so close to the screen that he almost tumbled off the bed.

The scene cut to a young reporter with concern written across his face. “How long before you escaped the danger?

The camera caught a close up of the trooper in mid sentence. “…about ten minutes…

The reporter’s voice droned on, but Magee concentrated on the trooper, and the girl he led away from the camera. She peeked back only once, but that was all it took.

Tags: storm chaser, storm chaser shorts, whiskey creek press

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