Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Dad and Harlequin, in that order

     I've been avoiding Dad for a couple of weeks while suffering this sinus infection (and I’ve still got it! It’s hard to let go) but he's fighting an infection anyway, and has lost some weight. The good news is that the swelling in his lymph nodes has gone down ... we just need to get him through chemo.

     Meanwhile, and on a not entirely unrelated note, I started on the Harlequin edits for Coming Attractions on October 1st. I had to get some other work out of the way first, and I also took a little time to mull over the suggestions. But now I'm on it, and in addition to getting the work done it keeps me busy and fills my mind with things other than worrying about stuff I can't do anything about. Being productive is always better than pacing, although not as good exercise.
Tags: coming attractions, family, harlequin, medical stuff
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