Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

"Scout" Story Drafted

    I fought through on oncoming sinus infection and completed the first draft of my “Girl Scout” novella – a hair over 28,000 words. From the time I started the outline until I wrote the last word was one month and four days, which is hardly a record but still pretty good, considering. And what’s next? The second draft, of course.

    It’s a humorous action story (as usual, I hope it’s humorous) set in a girl’s camp during a summer drought. Now I have to come up with a title … after all, I can’t keep calling it my Girl Scout story because there are no Girl Scouts in it—just a group like the Scouts, which I also haven’t named yet. Usually I’m not this far into a project before I come up with a title. But then, usually my early titles stink.
Tags: girl scouts, writing
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