Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Girl Scouting at risk

            My column about the closing of Girl Scout camps has gotten some attention. It seems, as my research had already hinted at, that Girl Scout camps are being marked for closing all across the nation, to the extent that there’s a call going out for it to be investigated. It’s clearly a problem coming from the top, and affecting those on the bottom – the ones who need those camps the most. (Rumor has it an underfunded pension fund may be involved. Could the famous Girl Scout cookie money—and yum, by the way—be going to something besides the girls?)


I’ve been asked to spread the word around, so I’m asking you, my friends and readers, to share my column and pass it around to the extent you’re able. You can find it here:


Also, please sign this petition calling for an official investigation into the situation:


            In return, I’ll write you a cool and funny (I hope) novella about teenagers who take the initiative and due awesome things … just like Girl Scouts do.
Tags: girl scouts
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