Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Another Dad update

Dad had a reaction to his first chemo treatment that landed him in the ER. He's out of the hospital now, but chemo was postponed for three more weeks while they work it out and he builds his strength up. Meanwhile, he's going through some family issues that he shouldn't have to deal with at this point, so wish him all the strength he can get.


It's safe to say things have been rather stressful for the whole family.


As for me, I'm working on a plan to post more regularly, so stay tuned. It's not just medical stuff that has kept me offline, but the fact that I'm doing final work on the Storm Chaser sequel. When it comes time to seek and destroy "ing", "ly", and "was", it's best to just bear down and get it done.
Tags: family, medical stuff, storm chaser, the notorious ian grant
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