Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Dad's illness report

My father, Delbert Hunter, is in Parkview Regional Medical Center, being treated for pneumonia along with what the doctors are almost certain is lymphoma, pending biopsy results in the next few days. He's been sick for awhile, although I didn't know it until I got a call early this week while standing on a Mississippi overlook at Trail of Tears State Park in Missouri.

(We had elected not to tell many people that we were out of state, due to the whole "people find out you're gone through social media and burglarize your home" thing.)

Naturally we headed back to Indiana. Dad's looking a lot better now, after removal of fluid from his lungs and much antibiotics. However, now we have the official lymphoma diagnosis and treatment for that to look forward to. If I still don't spend a lot of time on the internet for awhile, I apologize and will be back when I can. Meanwhile, please send your thoughts and prayers our way; I'll keep you informed.

Tags: family

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