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I promised to tell all about the musical my daughter was in, which was performed at the Cole Auditorium at East Noble High School, Kendallville, Indiana, USA. (That covers wherever you're reading this from!) Being a freshman in only her second play, Jillian had only a small part -- literally. She was a Who (I got lots of puns out of that).

No flash photography was allowed, but with high speed film I was able to get some kinda/sort clear shots of the action. I can't do justice to this play or its director -- it was an incredible job, worthy of a professional production.

As you know, the Who's live on a speck of dust, and can only been seen in a magnifying glass. (Of course you knew that!) In other Who news, they love Christmas a lot -- although the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville, did not. That was long ago, though, and he's generally a jolly fellow wearing a Santa suit in this play.
Here are the Who's (you gotta picture them small.) My daughter is on the far left, near the wall.
You tend to start rhyming after seeing this play, which puts many Dr. Seuss books in play.
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Here Horton the Elephant holds onto the clover on which perches the tiny Who planet. He pledges to protect them, singing "People are people, no matter how small" -- the theme of the play. unfortunately, only he can hear them, and the other animals in this scene are saying, in no uncertain terms, that he's nuts. Center stage is the Sour Kangaroo, who in real life is the sister of the guy playing Horton. She didn't need a sound system, believe me -- they both have great voices.
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Horton allows himself to be talked into incubating Maizie's egg in this scene. moments after this picture was taken, she quite literally flies off, and he has to climb into the nest. The actor playing Horton has a fear of heights, but did just fine -- as did the people operating the wire harnesses throughout the play.
To the right is the Cat in the Hat, our guide through this crazy world. If there's an Oscar for high school musicals, that guy deserves one. I can only compare him with Jim Carey on a good day.
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Maizie's egg hatches, and -- it's an elephant-bird! That got quite a laugh out of the adults, who had earlier understood that -- frankly -- Maizie was an unwed mother who abandoned her egg and moved to Florida. Now, it seems, she knew Horton better than we'd thought. It's not the first time Dr. Seuss dealt in multiple layers.
You can't tell in these pictures, but the girl holding the egg -- Gertrude the Bird -- bears an uncanny resemblance to Charisma Carpenter. Even her mannerisms were often similar.
That's Jillian in the back row to the left, over the left shoulder of the girl in black leather (who looks like she just saw a large snake).
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Some main members of the cast, from left: The Mayor of Whoville (minus his head, sorry), Maizie the Bird, JoJO the overly imaginative boy, the frentic Cat in the Hat, Horton, Gertrude, the Sour Kangaroo, General Schmidt, and three lovely birds.
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The Cat in the Hat takes a bow. In an earlier performance he sprinted out onto the stage and learned a lesson about the laws of motion. He came right to the edge, windmilling his arms and backpedeling furiously, and almost went over. That led me to write the poem that follows these pics, and I'm happy to report it was quite a hit when Jillian printed the poem and took it to school.
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The Cat in the Hat Almost Went Splat

A Cat that went splat wouldn't be very good
Covered with blood, couldn't host as he should.
So aren't we all glad, that he really did try
to stay up on the stage, and didn't just die?

He clawed his way down toward the orchestra pit
while the audience waited to see his head hit
But I think we were all very lucky that day
that he didn't go "Bam!" and could still host the play.

Yes the cat, he hung on, if just by a claw
it was no disasterous fall that we saw
You can be sure there'd be no happy end
if his joints ended up on a bad backward bend.

Horton blared warning, Jo Jo gave a squeal,
and even Mazie dimmed her sex appeal
And all of the Who's, down in Whoville below
could be heard very clearly screaming out "No!"

Even the Grinch was afraid that he'd see
a Cat in the Hat go "Timber!" like a tree,
and take a dive into the orchestra pit
which none of us paid for; oh no, not a bit.

The general yelled "Medic!" without even waiting
to see if the Cat would need medicating.
Gertrude was afraid that she'd have to fly
that poor cat to the Vet, who she hoped lived nearby.

But the Cat pulled it out; he's a very spry fellow
who acted as if he was calm, cool and mellow.
But if you looked very closely you'd see he was shook --
there's no "Cat in the Hat in the Morgue" in a book.

And for the rest of the day he carried that egg;
so no one would see the Cat peed down his leg.
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