Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Print version of Smoky Days up on

           I wasn’t going to mention this until the “official” release of the book at the July 20th book signing, but the print edition of Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights is already up and available on and the Create Space website. (It will be up as an e-book, but not until a bit later.)

           If you’re not going to be around for the 125th anniversary on July 20th, or if you want to read it early and then bring it with you to be signed – or if you just don’t care if it’s signed or not – you can order it from Create Space for $9.95, at:

           If you want to save a buck, then surprise: Amazon has already discounted it to $8.96. As soon as I have a chance to set it up, print orders will be available through my website for those of you who don’t live nearby, but want a signed copy. Shipping charges will apply either way, but we’re trying to keep it affordable – and don’t forget this is a fund raiser for the Albion Fire Department. The Amazon page for the book, which includes your chance to take a look inside, is at:
Tags: smoky days and sleepless nights

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