Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

ER, again

It's been a bit of a difficult 24 hours here in the Hunter household. We took Emily to the doctor yesterday afternoon with abdominal pain, and after a great deal of poking and prodding he sent us to the ER, where we spent the next five or so hours.  The fun part: All those tests that have come back so far have all been negative. They sent us home with instructions for pain pills and a clear liquid diet, and it was a loooong night, although she seems to be feeling better now. (I'm about to go wake her up.)

 As it usual with our family, more tests and doctor visits to come. This was, I believe, the fifth ER visit/hospital stay for one of four family members since mid-winter. When I walk in, the staff all calls out, "Mark!" and I take my regular seat.
Tags: emily, medical stuff

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