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Mark Hunter

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I'm baaaaaccccckkkkk .....

You know, ten years ago I didn't even own a computer. Ten days ago I didn't think about them. Ten hours ago I was screaming like a girl and slamming my head against the wall when I finally had to admit my software wasn't recoverable, and I had to reformat the hard drive and start all over again. The good news: I backup every month. The bad news: I was about three days short of my next backup, which means I lost some pictures and writing as well as all my bookmarks, address books, some songs I'd downloaded but not burned to a disc, ect. No idea why; my hard drive just ... disappeared.

Fifteen years ago I plunked my stories out on a manual typewriter, and thought nothing about what else technology might do for me. Three days ago I was shaking, stumbling around the house, mumbling to myself, in full internet withdrawl. I would stop strangers on the street: "Please, Miss, do you have a computer and an internet connection? All I need is one hit, just one to get me by ..."

Life was simpler ten years ago.

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