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Buffy fanfiction: GILES' HAIRY FIT

Inspired by my daughter; maybe I should have let her read it, first?

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Poor Giles just never gets a break ...

Giles, his eyes bugging out, shoved his glasses on. “My Lord, what have you done?”

The girls stopped chattering and stood still, having naively expected a more positive reaction. “This is our first real patrol since we got to Chicago,” Rona explained. “We thought we should do something to mark the occasion.”

“Mark the occasion?” Giles shook his head. “Rona, you have a sacred calling. There’s no time for this kind of ... shenanigans.”

“We didn’t think it would be a problem,” Vi said in a small voice.

“Really.” Giles stalked across the gym, examining each in turn. Rona’s hair was now pure white, contrasting wildly with her chocolate skin, but she looked the most normal. Chao-Ahn’s was a bright yellow. Vi’s was a shocking pink. “You didn’t think this would be a problem? The vampires will bloody well see you coming from the other side of the cemetery!”

“Maybe that will attract them,” suggested Kara, whose formerly brown hair had become orange. “Like a fishing lure.”

“Like a --” Giles’ face also turned color, to an alarming shade of scarlet. “Robin won’t be willing to even take you out, looking like that.” Giles whirled around to march toward the door, but stopped short when Robin walked in.

“Is the Hair Patrol ready to go?” Robin asked with a grin.

His hairless scalp was striped blue. Electric blue.

“We look like a team, now.” Robin swept past a gaping Giles, then opened the weapons cabinet. “Choose your poison, group. Giles, we’ll be back by dawn -- give or take a hair.”


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