Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Probably looked funny to other people

Beaned myself on a low hanging branch while mowing the lawn today. I mean thigh-thick branch to the skull, head over heals Three-Stooges style crashing to the ground. I was going to joke that I was thinking of ways to publicize that writing contest when I should have been concentrating on the job at hand, but when the stars and little birdies cleared I remembered I'd been thinking at the time about my little nephew, who's having an operation on his heart in the morning. Made me feel guilty that I whined over a little gash and goose egg, although that doesn't mean I won't turn it into a column.

I should apologize to Emily for all the curse words I used when she poured alcohol on my head.

(Oh, don't forget to vote today in the writing contest: )
Tags: medical stuff, sytycw

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