Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Username info Meme

Stolen from From the one and onlyme kazzy_cee, originally from moonjameskitten:

1. Write a paragraph about your username, why you chose it, what it means to you, etc.
Ozma was a major character in L. Frank Baum's Oz books (most people are familiar with the first, "The Wizard of Oz"). She's a fairy princess who, starting with the end of the second book, becomes ruler of Oz and eventually invites Dorothy Gale to live there permanently. Why did I choose it? I didn't -- my youngest daughter did. At the time I got my first e-mail I was reading her the Oz books, and she was obsessed by them; so when I asked her opinion on a user name, she chose that one. When I changed to a Verizon account, Ozma was already taken, so I added 914 to the end. That's my fire number -- the Albion Fire Department is Noble County's Base 90, and each truck and firefighter is assigned an individual number. I'm 914, so -- there you go. I've used Ozma914 for almost everything net related ever since.

2. What would you change your name to, if you were changing it?
I can't imagine; I'm quite happy being Ozma914, even though it does occasionally confuse people who realize Ozma is a female name.

3. Do you have another name you post with?
Nope; I've been Ozma914 on LJ, on, and on my e-mail address ever since I first started posting my fiction.

4. What is your favorite username, and why?
Other usernames? Of my LJ friends, I kind of like Kittybeenbad, just because it's a fun name. But fatalfury is also evocative!

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