Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Finding a Nook for my short story collection


You know what’s cool? When you stop by to browse the Barnes & Noble website and discover your short story collection is now up for the Nook. How cool is that?

 But wait, it gets better: Barnes & Noble is calling Storm Chaser Shorts part of the Storm Chaser “series”.

Series! Whoa … little head rush, there. Of course, the ten short stories do indeed take place in the same universe as the original novel, with the first seven set before Storm Chaser, and the last three after. You can have them for just $2.99, which, according to my sometimes questionable math skills, is less than three dollars. The Barnes & Noble link is here:


Both the short story collection and the original Storm Chaser are also available at Fictionwise, which features lower prices for members:


And, of course, Amazon:


And my publisher’s website, .

Although Storm Chaser Shorts is sadly available only as an e-book, if you’d like a print copy of Storm Chaser you can get order it through, or contact me and I’ll let you know where you can pick one up.

 Okay, I’m off to do the Snoopy Dance.

Tags: barnes & noble, fictionwise, storm chaser, storm chaser shorts, whiskey creek press

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