Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

My short story collection is officially out!

                                  Storm Chaser Shorts has officially launched! My collection of short stories is a follow-up to Storm Chaser (of course), and follows various characters from the book as their daily lives lead them toward a stormy meeting in small town Indiana.

                                  Volunteer firefighter Chance Hamlin learns there’s no such thing as a routine call; A mysterious (and clumsy) stranger stalks photographer Allie Craine on an oil soaked Louisiana beach; Teenager Beth Hamlin teaches the new boy in town a lesson; young police officer Fran Vargas tackles her first bar fight, and later has a mystical meeting with an old sailor … the first seven stories are set before the events of Storm Chaser, and I tried to write them in such a way that you don’t have to read the book to get the stories. The last three contain spoilers, although probably nothing unexpected: After all, a happy ending (for most) is something I prefer.

                                  I’m hoping those of you who want a Kindle copy will order sometime tonight – as I said before, I like the idea of the collection punching its way up through the rankings, just for bragging rights. I’m shooting for six p.m. :-)  But in any case, please give them a try, and spread the word! It’s not out on Barnes & Noble yet, but as soon as it is I’ll let you know.

Storm Chaser Shorts is available from here:

And on the Whiskey Creek Press website as a PDF or HTML file (along with a free look at the first story) here:

I’m sad to say this collection isn’t available as a print version. Here’s the official blurb:

Just like the weather, a person’s story changes all the time. Sometime it’s a romance, sometimes a comedy, and when things go badly it can be a fine line between action-adventure and tragedy.

Storm Chaser Shorts follows two converging stories. One involves the family and friends of Indiana State Trooper Chance Hamlin, who struggles to defend his hometown of Hurricane and his family from all manner of threats – whether they want him to or not. The other follows disaster photographer Allie Craine and those pulled into the wake of her passing, as she’s tailed by the shadowy and disaster prone Luther Magee.

Seven stories are set before, and three after, the events of Storm Chaser. Like the weather – and life – the tales are diverse, ranging from humor and adventure to what may be downright mystical.

After all, life with a Storm Chaser is as diverse as the weather.

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