Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

A blog tour is ...?

I'm wading into this idea of doing a blog tour, and my research has uncovered that there's disagreement over what a blog tour actually is. Is it me answering the questions of each blogger who hosts me? Me writing about my new work and then answering any questions in the comments? Me writing an original piece to get people interested in my writing, while mentioning my new short story collection at the end? (See how I worked mentioning the new short story collection into that?) Me jumping up and down and screaming "Me!"? That last one there, I'm not too good at that.

Is it up to me to schedule it, or do I leave it to each blogger to put it up at their convenience? The only thing I'm certain of right now is that I'd offer to host any other writers, in return, 'cause that's the neighborly thing to do. Opinions?
Tags: storm chaser shorts
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