Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Storm Chaser Shorts coming out in June

            Earlier today I finished going through the galleys for my upcoming short story collection, Storm Chaser Shorts, and sent it in to my publisher. It’s now to be released by Whiskey Creek Press in June – one year after its parent novel, Storm Chaser, came out.

            I’ll give you the exact release date as soon as I know it; it’s possible that, like Storm Chaser, it’ll be released as an e-book on different formats at different times. Unfortunately, Whiskey Creek doesn’t offer its shorter works in print format, but they do sell them as HTML or RTF files, so Storm Chaser Shorts will be readable on pretty much any electronic platform.

            Over the next few weeks I’ll let everyone know more details about the stories, which feature different characters from the original book and cover several different genres. Thanks to everyone who bought Storm Chaser and gave it such high praise – this new work is all because of you!

Tags: storm chaser, storm chaser shorts
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