Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Health and general welfare update

Kinda rough weekend. Emily is up and around more -- she accompanied me on a shopping trip Saturday afternoon (to pick out a ceiling fan, of all things) and got around in the store okay, but got motion sickness in the car on the way there. She's still heavily medicated and in pain, but getting around a lot better. With her not being able to get out much and me having to stay close for various reasons, we've been subsisting largely on a diet of The Walking Dead S1, and I've come so close to learning to cook (Those two aren't related). She can't sit straight for long or concentrate well, so there'll be a lot of college work waiting for her later.

Meanwhile, Vince and Charis Koehl came over so he could put our kitchen back together after last year's flooding, and it's looking great (thus why we were picking out a new ceiling fan after the old one proved unsalvageable). During the process he had to cut power to the house, which shut down the furnace, and now I can't get the pilot light relit. I guess with the roof replaced and the sewer cleared of roots earlier this year, it was time for something else to go wrong.
Tags: emily

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