Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

website redesign

My website is going to be down for a few days while my brilliant and beautiful webmaster redesigns it from the top down. Then, like me whenever a ceiling falls on my head, it’ll be drifting in and out as she gets things set.

Once done, will feature easier navigation, more new content, and more frequent updates, along with a hidden button that dispenses chocolate kisses and vodka martinis. We’re working out the technicalities on that one.

If you want to buy my books in the meantime (and who doesn’t?) you can always order straight from,, or Barnes and Noble, and don’t forget I have a Facebook fan page at . A   fan page of my very own. Can you believe it? I think I’ll start coming up with content exclusive to the fan page and website … maybe photos, articles on the writing process, and vegetarian conspiracy theories. Not that I have any beef with vegetarians.

Meanwhile, after emptying our kitchen and back porch of everything, I’ve been pulling down the ceiling in preparation of the complete removal of the flat roof there, giving us a temporary skylight. Hopefully, by the time Emily’s finished with the webpage I’ll be recovered from whatever’s about to fall on me and back in the writing business.

Tags: emily, storm chaser, website

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