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Relay For Life Invites Survivors to Celebrate More Birthdays

            Nearly 12 million cancer survivors live in the United States today. That’s one reason why the theme for this year’s Noble County Relay for Life is “Birthdays”, and also why the organizers of this American Cancer Society event want to have as many survivors attend as possible.

Cancer survivor Judy Middleton of Albion will be guest speaker at the 2012 Relay. She’ll tell her story of fighting breast cancer at the May 19-20 event, which will be held at the West Noble High School track and football field, south of Ligonier along US 33, starting at 10 a.m.


            All cancer survivors are invited to the Relay to hear Judy speak and for the Survivor Walk and Dinner: The Walk begins at 5 p.m., with the dinner immediately following. A cancer survivor is anyone who identifies themself as a survivor, whether that’s one day after diagnosis or 25 years after treatment.  The American Cancer Society wants to celebrate all cancer survivors, at Relay For Life events in more than 5,100 communities and in 20 countries worldwide.

            If you’re a cancer survivor or caregiver, we invite you to be our special guest. Announcements, ideas, news, and registration information can all be found on the website at For further information contact Luana Walker at (260) 636-7337, or by e-mail at    You can also contact Noble County Chairperson Carla Fiandt at Community State Bank in Albion, by e-mail at, or by phone at 260-636-3744.

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