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2012 Relay Goal: More Birthdays

            The Noble County Relay For Life has set a goal to raise $49,000 this year toward the fight against cancer, and they want to organize 40 teams to do it with.

             So far 22 teams have registered for the American Cancer Society event, which begins at 10 a.m. May 19 at the West Noble High School, south of Ligonier. Anyone wishing to form or join a team, or help out in any other way, can register online at

            The theme for this year’s Relay is “Birthdays”, and organizers are hoping teams will decorate their campsites accordingly. Team members can go “Over the hill”, “Sweet 16”, or anything else birthday related – except birthday suits!

             Teams are encouraged to search out a variety of fund raising activities: Everything from bake sales to dinners, lemonade or food stands, putting out coin cans that are available from the ACS, or selling luminary bags or Relay “feet”. Teams can secure sponsorships that count toward their fundraising efforts, do fund raisers on site during the Relay, or sell track signs that are available for a donation of $100 per sign. Corporate sponsors are always welcome.

             The 2012 Relay For Life will again feature Quarters For a Cure – an attempt to line the inside of the West Noble School track with quarters – so everyone should bring their quarters in. If the entire track is lined, the total would be estimated at around $4,000. The Relay will also feature a silent auction, in addition to numerous activities.

             A current fund raising challenge is for members to raise $250 through online donations by the end of March, and amount that will win them a prize.

             The next team meeting is April 19, 7 p.m., in the lower level of the Noble County Public Library main branch in Albion. New team registration forms need to be turned in by the last team captain meeting, on May 10.

Announcements, ideas, news, and registration information can all be found on the website at For further information contact Noble County Chairperson Carla Fiandt at Community State Bank in Albion, by e-mail at, or by phone at 260-636-3744, or e-mail Team Recruitment Chair Stacey Lang at

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