Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Sex Survey

Cobbed from the effortlessly sexy sunshine_tears. But again, it's a sex survey -- which is why it's behind a cut. Some of you should not look -- you know who you are.

Sexual Questions: Reply and Post the answers so everyone can learn more about you....

Q: Which do you prefer men, women or both?
A: Women

Q: If answered Both to above which do you prefer more men or women?
A: Yes, I prefer more women. :-) Not that I have anything against men, but after growing to like chocolate so much, why bother with vanilla?

Q: Do you like giving oral to your partner?
A: Absolutely! It takes practice to do it well, though.

Q: Do you like to recieve oral from your partner?
A: Duh. *ahem* I mean, yes -- but be careful with the teeth, please.

Q: Would you like to have more then one partner of the opposite sex as you?
A: Well, okay, if you insist ...

Q: Would you like to have more then one partner of the same sex as you?
A: I haven't even done the one! It would be like learning to fly by getting behind the stick without taking lessons. (Um, I didn't mean that as a pun.)

Q: Would you like to have more then one partner of the both sexes?
A: I'm up for an orgy in theory ... in actual practice it's probably not nearly as fun as you'd think.

Q: What position is your favorite?
A: Pretty much all of 'em. There's something to be said about good old missionary, though.

Q: What positions won't you do?
A: Um ... I'll try anything once. Still, I don't know if I'd want to try a position in the back of a Voltzwagon Bug.

Q: Do you prefer to control the way the sex goes?
A: I believe it should be share and share alike, except with the bondage thing.

Q: What won't you do sexually?
A: Hm ... oh! Animals. I mean real animals, not entheusiastic women.

Q: Okay, Spit or Swallow?
A: Seeing swallowing is sexy. Quick, say that three times fast.

Q: Do you like toys?
A: Sure, I had this train set when I was a -- oh. *Those* toys. Sure, there's a place for them.

Q: If yes to above, do you own any toys?
A: A few.

Q: If yes to above, how many and what kinds?
A: Handcuffs, a never used vibrating life-like dildo that squirts water or other fluids (gag gift. Get it?), and a back massager that isn't designed to be a sex toy, but sure as heck can be used as one.

Gee, that was fun!

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